Games I’d Love to Stream

There are a variety of games and genres I love to play, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to stream them all. I’m not a highly skilled gamer, so as much as I love 3d adventure/platformer games, if they’re also combat focused, it’s less likely I’ll be streaming them (but not impossible). I’m more into the […]

Becoming the Tomb Raider: Lara Croft in Shadow

*Note: Most of this review was written a month ago, but some parts have been added/edited recently in response to recent events. I’ve added asterisks to a couple parts to indicate this. After a month of constantly playing Animal Crossing, I’ve finally gotten around to checking games off my backlog. I played a little Assassin’s […]

Black Lives Matter: Supporting Black People in the Video Game Industry/Community

With the protests for George Floyd and all the other black lives lost going on, I haven’t been gaming much this past week. Instead I’ve been putting my energy into signing petitions, donating, writing emails, and doing whatever I can. Still, it’s not enough. And I haven’t forgotten about this blog in the midst of […]

Five Most Impactful Games in my Life

Inspired by Meghan’s post, from Meghan Plays Games, I decided to create my own list of the five games which have been most impactful in my life. We happen to share a couple of the games, for similar reasons, but I hope I can offer a slightly different take on them. I’ve decided to ‘cheat’ […]

Just a Few Non-Spoilery Thoughts about Death Stranding

It’s been a wild ride with Death Stranding. I went from being really intrigued by it to not being sure if I was gonna get it, to buying it and thinking I would get bored of being an Amazon delivery boy real fast. And then I got very excited by the prospect of building highways […]