Favorite Shiny Legendaries

Now that the Crown Tundra DLC is out and many of us are hunting shiny legendaries, I decided to write a post about my favorite shiny legendary pokémon. For the purposes of this post, I’m considering mythical pokémon as legendaries.


Shiny mew just might be the rarest shiny around. It’s only legitimately obtainable in Pokémon Emerald, as mew is usually a shiny locked event pokémon. If you’ve read any of my previous favorite shiny pokémon posts, you know I love blue shinies, and mew, simple as its design is, is one of my all time faves.


I tend to like shinies that get more colorful, and moltres is a good example. Its body goes from white to light red-orange, perfectly accented by its flames. Moltres is already one of my favorite legendaries, and its part of one of my favorite legendary trios. But out of the three (along with articuno and zapdos) I think its shiny form improves the most over its normal appearance.


The blues win again, as suicune’s blue hair makes it to my list. Suicune is my favorite of the legendary dog trio, and it has my favorite shiny form of the three. My one criticism of this form is that I wish it had more fun accent colors – maybe the purplish-pink of its original hair color.


Me choosing a shiny variant that becomes less blue? More likely than you think. This slightly bluish green is a very pretty color and it nicely complements the blue of the original form. Like its regular form, shiny latios is color coordinated with shiny latias – the triangle on its body matches the yellow-orange of shiny latias.


Cresselia is one of my favorite legendaries. I love both its regular and shiny designs, and its shiny becomes bluer, so of course I had to include it on this list. The blue fits well with its ‘moon’ theme. I’ll definitely be hunting for shiny cresselia in the Crown Tundra.


Virizion is one of the legendaries available to catch in the Crown Tundra DLC, but it’s not part of the Dynamax Adventures, so it doesn’t have those crazy high shiny odds. I’m still thinking about shiny hunting it though. Originally green, its shiny form reminds me of the seasonal changes of deerling, who is pink in the spring and green in the summer.


The first fairy type legendary, Xerneas is an amazing design, shiny or not. I love how its antlers light up, and I love its blue coat. Its shiny form lightens up the blue and gives it a white body Unfortunately for me, it’s a Sword dlc exclusive, and I can only hunt for its counterpart, Yveltal. Maybe someone will trade with me?


I’m not a big fan of solgaleo’s regular design, but its shiny is pretty cool. The bright, slightly orangey red is more evocative of the sun it’s supposed to represent. And as I’ve mentioned, I tend to like shinies that become more colorful. Though I prefer lunala’s regular form over solgaleo’s, I’m excited to be able to shiny hunt for solgaleo in Pokémon Shield.


It’s ‘cian’! You know, like cyan. Once again, a blue shiny makes it onto my list, and it’s one of my favorite shades of blue. Though I ultimately chose Pokémon Shield for its version exclusives (mostly Galarian ponyta), I prefer zacian over zamazenta, regular or shiny.


But just because I prefer zacian, doesn’t mean zamazenta doesn’t make it onto the list. ‘Mazenta’ = magenta. Same deal as zacian. Though they’re some of my least favorite legendaries, both zacian and zamazenta have got neat shiny designs. And they remind me of Blue and Magenta from Blues Clues.

Do you have any shiny legendaries? Will you be shiny hunting in the Crown Tundra?

3 thoughts on “Favorite Shiny Legendaries

  1. I have been able to fight Articuno and Zapdos! I almost defeated Articuno! but it ran away ) :
    I found Zapdos first tho! but Zapdos defeated me. ) : it was tons of fun to fight them! I am looking for Mewtwo next! wish me luck! ( :

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