Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #38

It’s November, which means mushrooms and mush furniture are finally here! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this month ever since I first saw those pretty glowing mush lamps on Southern Hemisphere and time travelers’ islands. So far I’ve only gotten the mushroom wreath Isabelle sent us all, but hopefully soon my island will be filled with mush furniture. And in a couple weeks, the trees will turn red and maple leaves will float around town for us to collect and craft even more furniture with.

I enjoyed trick-or-treating with my villagers to collect a few more diys, and the new ‘haunt’ and ‘scare’ reactions. Everyone looked so cute in their costumes and the town plaza looked amazing with all its decorations.

The day before Halloween I visited a few horror/Halloween themed islands on stream. I’m always very impressed by all the creativity. On my next Animal Crossing stream, I’m hoping to visit some Zelda-themed islands and do some fall crafting!

Dream Address: 6984-5523-9028 Twitter: @_moonscarisland

The switch from Halloween to late autumn decor is made super easy by just turning all your pumpkin decorations around so you can’t see the jack-o-lantern face. It’s a simple, effective way of changing up the vibe of the island that I’ve already noticed a lot of people doing.

I was surprised to see the holly bushes blooming already, but I supposed we did have the tea olive bushes blooming for a month and a half – where did the time go? The holly looks great though, and I’ll have to get to planting more around the island.

I didn’t have much time for island-hopping after Admiral moved out (and I actually saw Admiral on an island pretending like he didn’t just move out), so Cousteau moved in. I’m amazed Shari and Scout haven’t asked to move out as I rarely talk to them.

I had my third visit from Celeste in October – I really feel like they’ve increased the chances of her visiting. I’m still missing a lot of her diys, so I’m glad I’m seeing her more often. I got the new scorpius star fragments as well.

Yesterday I gave away a bunch of extra diy recipes, but I still have lots more. Help me get rid of them – here’s a list of everything I have. I also have blue roses and blue rose wreaths to give out!

I’m hoping that by my next entry I’ll have the mush lamp diy and I’ll be able to show off a newly decorated section of my island, as well as my seasonally decorated house. And maybe we’ll have news on the late November update. Happy crafting!

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