Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #37

Since my last entry I have been hard at work crafting spooky diys and decorating my island and seasonal house. I’ve now obtained all the spooky diys, so I’ll make sure to feature them all in this post. We’re less than two weeks from Halloween, so I am in full on spooky mode!

Azurerose’s Entrance

My house isn’t quite as decorated as the seasonal house, but it’s still pretty spooky.

I did spookify the path leading the my house – I’m quite proud of it.

I’ve been using these incredible custom designs for lanterns from Charlie, Queen of Atlantopia on Twitter.

I moved my campsite to a new, temporary location so I could make this whole area (to the right of my house) a seasonally themed area.

I haven’t been forgetting about the inside of the seasonal house either. I can’t wait to get the maple furniture next month so I can decorate even more. And just you wait til I get my hands on the mush furniture.

In regular island happenings, Rocket moved out so I did a little island hopping to try and find a new villager. I was looking for either a horse villager, or someone kind of Halloween themed like Lucky. I was unsuccessful, but I did end up having Merengue move in! She has the cutest (literally cute, she uses cute furniture in her house) little diner set up.

This is the outside of her house – I’ll have to decide on a wreath to send to her.

I know I’ve mentioned in previous entries that I’m trying to get some of the villager photographs, but I am really dedicated now. I’ve made it a part of my daily routine to give my villagers gifts, each of which gets wrapped up – which I find very satisfying.

Matching dresses!

That’s all for today’s entry, I hope you’re all enjoying the spooky season. I’m planning on doing a stream around Halloween where I visit horror-themed dream addresses. More details on when will be announced on my Twitter. I’m also planning on having a little island party soon so I can give away some of my blue roses and extra diys.

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