Favorite Shiny Ghost Pokémon

Fridays this month on the blog are now Spooky Fridays!

I haven’t done a pokémon post in awhile, but since it’s spooky season, and the second Sword and Shield dlc pack, The Crown Tundra is coming out soon, I decided to it was time for a ghost pokémon post. Last year I wrote a post on my favorite spooky pokémon, and this year I’ve decided to write about my favorite shiny variants of ghost pokémon!


I’ve actually been working on shiny hunting pumpkaboo in Pokémon Shield, and I may even do a shiny hunt for it on stream (just got a new computer this week, so I’m working on setting that up)! Its purple color is so Halloween-ish, not that isn’t already one of the most Halloween-themed pokémon, but I love that they went with purple instead of a more obvious or natural white, yellow, or green.


I really love the look of the blue fire on litwick (and just in general – it’s also featured on another favorite shiny of mine, ponyta). The other shiny variants in this evolution line are nice, but I like the blue flame the best. It’s another cute spooky pokémon, which happens to be my favorite look for ghost pokémon. Just don’t forget that these cute guys tend to be the creepiest – this guy absorbs the life force of those it pretends to guide.


Black sand beaches are a real thing, so I love that they went with the black color for palossand’s shiny palette, which gives it even more of a spooky look. Sandygast looks great too, but I especially like how the colorful decorations stand out against the black sand on palossand – it’s very much my aesthetic.


Following the dark, spooky palossand is the bright, colorful drifloon, whose shiny variant is actually less scary-looking in my opinion. But you might not think this pokémon is so cute after reading its pokédex entries, many of which suggest that it attempts to drag children into the afterlife.


Okay, so if you read my A Link to the Past post, you know I’m a fan of swords with colored blades, so I think this shiny variant is awesome! The red blade is a bit spookier than the regular silver color, almost like it’s bloodstained, so it fits in perfectly for Halloween season. It’s also my favorite shade of red, frequently making it into my wardrobe, especially during the cooler months.


I always love shiny variants that add more blue, so dreepy easily made it on my list. Like pumpkaboo, I’m also trying to shiny hunt dreepy, but I’m definitely using the Masuda method instead of the encounter method for it. I like dreepy’s entire shiny evolution line, so I just chose the first for this list. Dreepy also rhymes with creepy, so I thought it fit best!


Duskull does a great job looking spooky in both its regular and shiny variants. If I ever had a pokémon-themed Halloween party, this guy would definitely be making an appearance. Its color reminds me of the colors at dusk, so I think it’s an aptly chosen shiny variation.

Thanks for checking out the first Spooky Friday! What are your favorite ghost pokémon, and their shiny variations?

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