Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #36

The fall update is here and I’ve been busy growing pumpkins, crafting new diys, and doing lots of Halloween decorating (in real life and in the game)! And as Jack has reminded me via the lovely postal system, I’ve been making my daily trip to Nook’s to buy candy.

Even Nook’s Cranny got a spooky makeover!

Nook at Night

They’ve been selling one item from the spooky collection each day.

I did a lot of work on the pumpkin patch, moving things around in the campsite and decorating around it. I love all the different colors! Next time I’ll wait to harvest the pumpkins so I can snap a pic at night.

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of deflowering, which you can see a bit here, but is more extensive in other areas.

I added some more to my new seasonal house, which now has three rooms: one fall-themed, one spooky-themed, and one empty one which will become mush-themed. They’re still looking a bit bare, but I’ll be focusing on adding to them over the next couple months.

I’ll always have the current flowering bush in front of this house.

I got the exterior of my own house all customized up for Halloween too. Here’s before:

and after!

In less spooky news…I was lucky enough to have another meteor shower and a Celeste appearance! My friend had a meteor shower too so I got a couple libra fragments. I might end up time traveling to the meteor shower to get more diys, because I really want to get to work on this observation area. So far, I’ve barely gotten ones other than the zodiac diys.

I’m hoping to show off some more spooky stuff in a week or two before we get to the mush and maple leaf furniture in November. I hope everyone’s enjoying the spooky festivities! Time to figure out my Halloween costume…

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