Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #35

Still no news on the fall update as we get deeper into the season (in Animal Crossing, still got one more day of summer in the real world). But the tea olive bushes are now budding and I’m guessing the leaves will start turning more yellow and orange very soon. I can’t wait to see the fall leaves against the Azurerose sunsets.

I’ve decided to add a new character to my island to get an extra house and have it seasonally decorated. It’s pretty bare bones right now since many of the fall diys don’t come until November, but hopefully we’ll be getting some Halloween ones next month.

I need to move some stuff around, as it’s getting a bit cramped around the campsite. Especially since I want the exterior of the house to also have a seasonally decorated look.

A few remnants of summer…

I’ve been meaning to get around to decorating my own house some more (it’s currently collecting lots of extra diy recipes). I haven’t done much with it in the past few months, but I did add a bunch of starry garlands.

Speaking of stars, I finally got another meteor shower, which gave me plenty of virgo star fragments to craft the virgo harp. Maybe I’ll put a zodiac-themed room in my seasonal house.

Today I caught Winnie and Raymond grilling on the plaza – I’ve never seen the villagers do this before, is it a new activity?

And here’s Ed being…Ed.

Benedict moved out and Admiral moved in a few days ago. I’m kind of enjoying letting villagers leave when they ask so I get to see a variety of villagers I’ve never had before. Although, there are still a few villagers I’ll always say no to.

After a dry August, it’s been a pretty rainy September, meaning I have lots of flowers to dig up (and blue roses to give away). But I love the way Bangle’s rainbow umbrella looked on this dark, stormy day, so it’s the picture I’ll leave you with until next time (hopefully when the fall update comes out).

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