Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #34

It’s fall in Animal Crossing! There’s new bugs, fish, and sea creatures, as well as pinecones and acorns to collect for new diy recipes. It still looks a lot like summer, but I love that the leaves gradually turn colors throughout the season. The hibiscus are still blooming, but the sweet olives will be budding before long. And in November we’ll have mushrooms on the ground and maple leaves floating through the air.

Wow, relatable

Weeds have got a new look, and it’s my favorite yet. I love the blue flowers and the wheat look.

We’ve got acorns…

…and pinecones

So we can craft some new diys…

Changed up my hairstyle just to get a better look at that grape harvest basket (and sneak peak at an area I’ve been working on)

And Nook’s Cranny has new fall decorations.

Even Redd’s getting in on the fall festivities (even if it’s just a little dialogue).

In my last post, I mentioned there were a few critters going away at the end of August that I hadn’t caught yet, and the good news is, I found them all! The golden stag was very last minute – caught it on the last day of the month.

And I got right to catching new September bugs and fish. Here are some of this month’s new catchable creatures I’ve nabbed.

In non fall related news, Azurerose has a new resident – Rocket. I decided to send her a blue rose wreath because I thought it’d look nice against her pink house. I love blue and pink together.

This pic was taken in August – you can see the grass become a more yellowy color in the next pic

I also learned that villagers take down seasonal wreaths when the seasons change. So no more shell wreath for Naomi’s beach house. Maybe I’ll have to create another villager so I can have a new beach house…I’ve been thinking about doing that a lot lately.

I visited a friend who was having a meteor shower, and all I got were regular star fragments…luckily she had some extra leo fragments to give me. Celeste also showed up on my island a few days later (finally), and I got one virgo fragment, and the virgo harp diy (maybe my favorite zodiac furniture so far).

Hopefully we’ll get an announcement trailer for that fall update soon – I’m excited to see what it’ll bring. For now, I’m on a bit of a new terraforming kick, so we’ll see where that takes my island! Also, I’m planning a little island party soon to celebrate 100 followers on Twitter, so stay tuned for that (there will be prizes).

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