Cooking Like Link: Trying out Zelda-Inspired Recipes

Earlier this year I promised I would get around to making some video game-inspired dishes and while I haven’t done too many so far, I figured I have enough to write a little post on it. I love games that feature cooking elements and special foods – it brings that extra element of immersion for me. Spiritfarer does a nice job of highlighting the special relationship people have with food, by giving each character food preferences you have to discover by trial and error.

There are many chefs dedicated to recreating dishes that appear in video games, along with several video game themed cookbooks, such as The Legend’s Cookbook, the Breath of the Wild-inspired cookbook which I backed on Kickstarter last year, and received a couple months ago. The foods I’m featuring today all come from this cookbook. I’ve also previously made this Twilight Princess-inspired pumpkin soup from YouTube channel Feast of Fiction, and it’s now in my regular lineup for soup season. There are a couple different pumpkin soup recipes in The Legend’s Cookbook as well, and I’m excited to try them both.

I’ve actually modified each of the recipes to suit my own tastes, which worked out most of the time, but not so much for one (it still tasted delicious, it just didn’t turn out quite right).

First up is breakfast. Crepes are insanely easy to make and highly customizable. I decided to make the wildberry crepe, but with strawberries and chocolate whipped cream. Can we get chocolate as an ingredient in the Breath of the Wild sequel? This isn’t the only time I make things a bit more chocolate-y. Also, whipped cream is incredibly easy to make and you can flavor and sweeten it however you want.

For happy hour, I’m mixing up a blue potion. This one ended up being too sweet for me, so I tried lightening it up with sparkling water. I liked the carbonation it added, so if I made it again, I might try to used sparkling lemonade. It’s a very pretty looking drink too, and probably great for parties.

For dinner, I’m having fish pie, with lots of cod and shrimp. This is where changing up the recipe went a little awry. I changed up some of the vegetables used, but in omitting potatoes, I think I was missing the ingredient that soaked up a lot of liquid, so I got more of a creamy fish soup. It was still super delicious, but next time I’d either keep the potatoes or use less liquid. If you’re a seafood fan, I’d recommend this one! You could probably easily change out type of fish you’re using too.

And for dessert, I’m having fruit cake! Once again, I replaced regular whipped cream with chocolate, and I just used strawberries. This cake was delicious, and could easily be changed up to suit your own tastes. It’s basically a sponge cake soaked in a simple syrup, frosted with whipped cream, and topped with fruit. You could flavor the simple syrup and whipped cream, and change up the toppings. I’m actually planning on making an even more chocolatey version of this (I’ve even had this idea in the back of my head of dedicating an entire blog to chocolate – specifically chocolate combined with different flavors). This cake was light and moist – a perfect summer time cake.

Trying out these recipes has been lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to trying out more, and not just from the Zelda series. What foods featured in video games would you like to see me try out?

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