Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #33

We’re halfway through August, so we only have a couple weeks until fall in Animal Crossing! I’m excited for the leaves changing color, mushroom furniture, and the fall update. But it’s still summer, and I’ve still got a few things to do before fall arrives.

So I realized I have a few bugs and fish that are disappearing next month that I still need and I’ve decided to start prioritizing catching them. These include: the cicada shell, scarab beetle, golden stag, giraffe stag, giant snakehead, and vampire squid. After I figured this out, I managed to catch the giant snakehead and the cicada shell (which apparently has the lowest spawn rate in the game).

I want to head to a mystery island where I can create an island that mostly spawns bugs on trees so I can get the golden stag, giraffe stag, and scarab beetle. The scarab beetle comes out 11pm – 8am, and I’m not normally playing at that time, so maybe I’ll just find a good mystery island and stay there until I actually play.

Not disappearing next month…but a new catch for me

What I really wanted to share for this entry, is my Zelda-themed fireworks show. I made my own triforce design, and I searched for custom designs at the Able Sisters for the others. For a video of the show, check out my tweet!

Kokiri Emerald
Zora Sapphire
Majora’s Mask
The Full Show

I hope you’ve been enjoying the fireworks, have you used any fun custom designs for them?

The hydrangeas stopped blooming before I completed it, but here’s my blue garden!

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