Characters Missing from New Horizons

Despite adding a lot of new features to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, quite a lot is missing from previous games, including several well loved characters. I’m guessing (hoping) a lot of them will show up in future events/updates, like Rover for a special May Day island. In my opinion, it’s a good way of giving us additional content without overwhelming us. Here are some of the characters I’m missing.

Pelly, Phyllis, and Pete

I always enjoyed chatting with Pelly, especially in Wild World. Phyllis…not so much (but I still miss her). And who’s delivering our mail now? Is it all up to Orville and Wilbur? They certainly have their hands full.

Katie (and Kaitlin)

World-traveling Katie is missing from a game where you start a new life on a faraway island? Strange…I’d think she’d be jumping at the chance to come visit. She grows up a little bit in between Wild World and New Leaf, so she could come back as an adult, maybe with a family of her own?

Joan, Chip, and Nat

Have these guys retired, with Daisy Mae, C.J., and Flick taking their places? Or are they just sticking to work on the mainland, with the newbies traveling to islands? Either way, I think it would be neat to have a nice family reunion.


It would be great if Harriet showed up to teach you some new hairstyles. A lot of the ones in Pocket Camp are really cute, and I know a lot of people have been asking for more people-of-color inclusive styles.


In New Leaf, the former mayor retires and runs his own little island for you to hang out on. But now that everyone is living the island life, has he gone out of business? Has he…passed away? I think Tortimer is a strong contender for making an appearance on a special island, like Rover.


If you’ve been following my Animal Crossing Diaries, you know I’ve been sincerely missing Brewster. How I love heading to The Roost for my daily cup of coffee and a little chat with the shy, quiet pigeon. I keep saying I think they’re gonna add him in for the fall update, aka “latte season.” I’ll take mine with some steamed pigeon milk, thank you.

I know I’ve left out a few, are there any characters in particular that you’re missing?

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