Games I’d Love to Stream

There are a variety of games and genres I love to play, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to stream them all. I’m not a highly skilled gamer, so as much as I love 3d adventure/platformer games, if they’re also combat focused, it’s less likely I’ll be streaming them (but not impossible). I’m more into the idea of streaming more chill farming/life sim rpgs.

Stardew Valley

Yeah, lots of people stream Stardew Valley. But everyone’s playthrough is different, and I’d love to get a few friends to play with me on a multiplayer farm. The following few games are in the same vein.


Littlewood just released on Steam and has a planned Switch release. It’s definitely got some Stardew Valley influences, but is plenty distinct enough to hold its own. There’s a higher emphasis on village design and leveling up, and time only passes as you complete actions. It looks incredibly charming, and I’m super excited to play.


Kynseed is an open world sandbox RPG in development by some former Fable developers. It’s a world where characters age and die, and make decisions that affect the game. It looks like its going to have quite a few complicated systems for shopkeeping, farming, romancing, and more. I’ve been watching this game for quite a bit and I’m excited to see how it shapes up. Kynseed is in early access right now, but I want to wait until it’s finished to play it.


From Bad Ridge Games’s Twitter bio, Mirthwood is an “open-world medieval-fantasy game inspired by Fable, Stardew Valley, and Rimworld.” And with that, I’m already interested. As with Kynseed, I’m super excited to see how this game shapes up. Looks like they’ll both have a lot of exploration and relationship-building that I love to see in games. I’m also intrigued by Mirthwood‘s weapons, which you’ll get to modify and name. It’s exciting to see so many games coming out where you can have such unique, individual experiences.


Not much is known about Witchbrook yet, other than that you’ll be attending a school for magic. But I’m watching closely for any announcements, and I think this could end up being a very popular game. People have been wanting that wizarding school experience ever since Harry Potter came out, and I think this might just deliver. And while a Hogwarts style school might be the draw in, this game looks like it’ll have plenty of its own personality to escape the shadow of the inevitable comparisons.

Animal Crossing

It would be like a behind-the-scenes of my Animal Crossing Diaries posts! I think Animal Crossing streams would be more of a community thing, where I’m inviting people over to trade or watch meteor showers or do events.

The Legend of Zelda and Zelda-like likes

In case you missed it, I’m planning a huge Zelda 35th Anniversary feature on my site, and I’d like to do some streaming as part of it! I’ve played a lot of Link’s Awakening on the Switch, so there’s a good chance all do that, and maybe some Breath of the Wild. This also includes Zelda-like titles, especially indies. One that’s coming out soon that I’m pretty interested in is Windbound.


Particularly shiny hunts – I really got into shiny hunting when Let’s Go came out and that extended into Sword/Shield. I enjoyed watching others’ streams while I was shiny hunting, and it’s a good opportunity to just chat and play.

Hopefully I can get streaming up and running soon!

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