Animal Crossing Diaries #32

It’s fireworks season in Animal Crossing, and dare I say they’re better than the real thing? It’s pretty relaxing just to go on and listen to the fireworks. And Redd’s got lots of fun raffle items like sparklers (which villagers can use!) and fountain fireworks. The villagers even look up at and react to the fireworks. It’s all the little details…and it’s going on every Sunday this month! Next time I’ll have to try some custom fireworks.

Pinwheel 😀
I’m really into the cascading ones

It’s also a new month, which means new bugs and fish. I’ve only managed to catch the walker cicada so far – I need to just have a day where I just go catch whatever I’m missing. Some things, like the mahi-mahi, have been available for months and I still don’t have them. Those pier fish are a bit more of a commitment though, I guess.

I’ve done a little bit of dreaming and I was awestruck by one island in particular. It’s amazing how creative people are, and this person didn’t waste a single space on their island. I’ll just post a few screenshots and their dream address (found on twitter).

I wanna do something like this with the mush lamps, and this is just executed so well. Also…this island is giving me major terraforming inspiration…it’s making me wish I had a second island.

This little nook is just so cute!

Here’s my dream address if anyone’s interested in visiting!

Raymond moved in and he’s…interesting. Can’t say I’d want to be his roommate.

I also just watched the Animal Crossing movie, and it was fantastic. Clearly based on Animal Crossing: Wild World, much of it will feel extremely familiar for those who have played the game. It does throw a couple surprises at you though. Definitely worth a watch for Animal Crossing fans.

Hopefully next week I’ll be showing off some custom fireworks. See ya then!

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