Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #31

Somehow it’s already almost August, and we’re getting close to a new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fireworks are coming, and so is the dream suite! Fireworks customization is back and looks much improved, so I’m excited to see what people come up with. I’m also interested in using the dream suite to visit all the cool themed islands people are creating, especially the Zelda ones. We also got a little tease for the next update – a fall update! It’s already time to start thinking about Halloween apparently. Please bring us Brewster too.

These fireworks look amazing
so dreamy….

So what’s new in Azurerose? The hibiscuses are blooming, and they look great. They look real nice in my rainbow garden too, but I’m still figuring out the bush layout. I wanna add some lily-of-the-valleys too, but I haven’t grown anymore. I might have too many diy recipes lying around…

lil buds
Love how it looks like I’m sitting here

Azurerose now has its blue rose entrance I’ve been going for since I started playing the game.

Since Redd’s visiting more often now and my friend and I are trying to coordinate to fill up our museums, I’ve got a few new additions. I particularly love the sinking painting – aka Ophelia from Hamlet, or as my tenth grade english teacher would refer to her as, “the most sad and pathetic character in all of literature.”

Also found out that standing in the middle of the statue section gives you this great angle.

As of July 21st in the northern hemisphere, cumulonimbus clouds (the best clouds) can appear in the sky. So of course I took a million pictures of them.

WOAH. That’s a cumulonimbus 2000!

Cyrano is moving out, so I’ll have an empty lot tomorrow, which means island hopping time! Can I find a horse villager? Perhaps I’ll live tweet.

I promised to give a list of extra diys in this post, so here they are, in alphabetical order. I’ll update as they are claimed, and as I get more while I’m island hopping.

  • Aroma Pot
  • Bamboo Candleholder x2
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Bamboo Lunch Box
  • Birdcage
  • Cherry Lamp
  • Cherry Hat
  • Cherry Rug
  • Cherry Umbrella
  • Clothesline
  • Floral Swag x2
  • Gold-armor Shoes
  • Ironwood Cupboard
  • Lucky Gold Cat
  • Log Decorative Shelves
  • Log Stool
  • Money Flooring
  • Mum Cushion
  • Oil-barrel Bathtub
  • Pear Wardrobe
  • Pile of Zen Cushions
  • Steel Flooring
  • Stone Wall
  • Street piano
  • Underwater Flooring
  • Water Flooring
  • Zen-style Stone

See you in August!

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