Giving Cadence of Hyrule Another Shot

So just a few days before the new Cadence of Hyrule dlc packs were announced, I finally played through the game. I bought the game awhile ago and played a bit, but never got into it. I was kind of lost and didn’t understand how the game worked, and I kept dying without making any progress. And dying meant losing some items and all your rupees. Cadence certainly has a bit of a learning curve, but I didn’t have the patience or focus to figure it out when I first played it.

When I played last week, I played in multiplayer mode with a friend. Playing with a more experienced player meant I could take a moment to get my bearings with the game. I got the hang of combat and navigation, and now I feel confident enough to play through the game myself. Even just playing with another person gives you a sort of extra lifeline – if you die, the other player can go find a Sheikah stone to revive you. We even ended up using this as a strategy when one of us was low on health – letting ourselves die and coming back at full health. If you tried Cadence of Hyrule but couldn’t get into it, I highly recommend trying again with multiplayer, or turning off the rhythm mode so you can figure things out first. Kind of a shame the game doesn’t have online multiplayer.

A week and a half ago I probably wouldn’t have cared too much about the dlc other than the soundtrack (which is killer). But now I’m super excited for it, especially the third pack, which includes a new story and a playable skull kid! I’m hoping for some remixes of the Milk Bar theme and the Deku Nut Palace theme from Majora’s Mask. The first pack is out now – it’s a character pack that includes 5 new characters, including Impa, Phantom Zelda, and Phantom Link, and all three dlc packs will be out by October. In the meantime, I’m gonna get started on my own playthrough, and then play the Octavo dlc.

What’s your experience been with Cadence of Hyrule? Will you be picking up the dlc?

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