Favorite Parts of The Last of Us Part 2

This is another spoilery The Last of Us Part 2 post. With all the discussion of the violence and revenge plot, I wanted to write a post about my favorite parts of the game. I’m sure all of these moments stuck out to players, and I wanted to talk a little bit about them here.

Playing the Guitar

It’s so simple, but the use of the controller to strum a guitar had me mesmerized. Playing the guitar is something Ellie and Joel share, and they’ve let the player be part of it too. And of course I lost my mind when Ellie started playing Take On Me for Dina in Seattle. Now I need to replay the game with some guitar tabs by my side.

The Snowball Fight

“You want to fuck him up?” This moment was so precious and innocent. It was a great first combat experience for a game – a fun tutorial of sorts with no consequences for failure. The game didn’t make you get it right, it just let you get a feel for things before throwing you into something more high stakes.

The Aquarium

I love all the sections when they’re exploring abandoned areas, and the aquarium is no exception. You make multiple visits to the aquarium, but my favorites were the first time with Owen showing Abby around, and when it’s all decorated up for Christmas. I’ll admit I didn’t do too well at the archery mini game…The first visit is one of the only happy Abby and Owen moments before their relationship becomes strained. I’ll definitely have more to say on this part of the game with regards to its parallels to Ellie.

The Sky Bridge and the Descent

Abby and I share a fear of heights. And the game took it to the next level by making you cross a narrow bridge high above Seattle with winds howling around you. I felt Abby’s every movement and feeling of terror and she inched her way across the bridge, and her relief as she made it to the other side, only to find out it was only the first bridge, and the less terrifying of the two. Abby and Lev finally make it to their destination, but only after they fall off the bridge and into a part of the building Lev is unfamiliar with. The building is half destroyed, so you have to make your descent to ground level while constantly aware of how high up you are. And of course it’s full of infected.

The Rat King

Oh my god, they really went the extra mile to create the stuff of nightmares here. The way they built up the atmosphere leading up to the fight was incredible – I felt levels of fear I had never felt while playing a video game. You just know something really bad is coming. Re-exploring the hospital after you’ve turned on the generator is terrifying – you find blood trails and a ripped open door you couldn’t get through before – Abby’s gasp says it all. But beyond those doors are an ambulance, and you know you have to get there to get the supplies you need. So you follow the blood trail. And then the game gets very Resident Evil for a bit. I like the build up and the chase sequence more than the fight itself, but it truly was an outstanding part of the game. Thank god for the flamethrower.

The Space Shuttle

I save this one for last, because this is one of my favorite moments in all of gaming. They did a great job of making you feel like you’re actually launching up to space. It’s a really beautiful, touching part of the game and I immediately wanted to go back and play it again. It’s parts like this that make the game so great – the little moments of hope and joy in a harsh world. The whole museum exploration portion was great, but this was the icing on the cake.

There were plenty of other great moments in The Last of Us Part 2, but these ones stuck out to me.

Did I miss any of your favorite moments in the game?

5 thoughts on “Favorite Parts of The Last of Us Part 2

  1. I really liked the skyscraper bridge segment with Abby. If you happen to look down with Abby you can see the screen start to mimic the Hitchcock “Vertigo” effect; I thought that was a pretty cool little detail.

    Ellie picking up a guitar and singing/playing Take On Me sounded like such an odd song choice at first, but the way it was arranged made this 80’s pop song sound so somber and morose I couldn’t help but love it. It’s definitely among my favorite moments of the game.

    It is intreresting noticing the many, many parallels within the game, a lot of them I didn’t even think of until long after finishing my first playthrough. One that doesn’t seem to get mentioned enough is the parallel between Dina and Owen, who are seemingly the sole voice of reason to either Ellie or Abby. They don’t necessarily insist, but merely question Ellie/Abby when their judgement start to become so clouded that their humanity begins to slip.

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    1. Yeah, I thought the vertigo effect was pretty cool too.

      The parallels have definitely gotten more and more obvious to me. It’s like Abby and Ellie are going through the same story, but Abby goes through it much earlier

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  2. Yeah those are all excellent moments in the game. There are just SO many right? Rat King was just incredible adrenaline building stuff, I’d spent so long in the dark at that point I just wanted to get out, and then… I died a few times shall we say, before I figured out how to fight it. I also genuinely believed I was going to find what I needed and get out of there without too much bother, then they throw that thing at you DAMN!

    The Take On Me cover was a special moment, something I didn’t know about that I just stumbled across. Also the dinosaur you can climb was so awesome. Cannonball!

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