Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #30

Apparently the latest update did something else other than what was announced – it changed island visitor schedules! No longer will you go weeks on end without seeing Redd. Each visitor is now guaranteed at least once every other week. This definitely explains why I’ve had Flick, CJ, and Redd appear in the last week. Hopefully Celeste will follow suit (she’ll appear for one meteor shower a week, but I don’t know if she’s guaranteed every week).

I have been super active in the past week – I’m on a mission to get more diy recipes and furniture, so I’ve been island hopping. And I got the one I really wanted, the garden wagon! I’ve also got lots of duplicates and I’m trying to give them all away.

I got this amazing flower path from reddit user blondschopfff – here’s the link if you want to use it yourself!

I bred a gold rose, which means I finally have all the flowers in the game! Now it’s time to really clear out all the extras.

I caught a great white shark, so I’ve now caught all of the finned fish.

Why are so many fish blue on the top and white on the bottom? I’ve gotta look this up.

I found a pearl too! They’re so dang rare. But I have managed to craft a few mermaid things.

I used all the butterfly models I got from Flick and created a ‘butterfly garden.’ I’ve had this idea for a while, so it was exciting to actually create it.

My island finally feels like it’s starting to come together. I just need Brewster to get himself over here, and it’ll be perfect.

How’s island life going? Did the summer update get you back into it?

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5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #30

  1. I’ve been on the hunt for DIY’s but for some reason mystery island’s don’t ALWAYS have one on the beach anymore! And the ones I do get, I keep getting extra’s. I have a few I need to get rid of, I’ll list them on my blog soon or on my Twitter if you’re interested to trade!

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