The Last of Us Part 2: The Ending

If you couldn’t tell by the title, this post contains SPOILERS, so if you haven’t completed the game yet, get out of here (but please come back when you’re finished)! I know I said I wasn’t sure if I wanted to to write about The Last of Us Part 2, but that wasn’t really true. I just knew that I do not have the energy to write one long post about this game, and I wasn’t sure if I had anything to say that hasn’t already been said. But I know I want to talk about this game, so this post is going to be the first in an unknown number of posts discussing smaller chunks of the game. Okay, here’s where the spoilers really start.

The first thing I want to say is that I wish the game ended about 2 hours earlier. I wanted Ellie to be happy and I wanted Abby to be happy. They had already suffered enough. I wanted Ellie to be happy on the farm with Dina and JJ (Joel Jesse or Jesse Joel? – I like Jesse Joel). And I wanted Abby and Lev to find the fireflies – and it is sort of implied that they do, but not before going through a whole lot more suffering.

Those last two hours were rough to get through. Especially after I had committed to finishing to game that night, once I got to the first Abby and Ellie fight (I was expecting 20-30 more minutes at the most). It’s not that Santa Barbara wasn’t a cool location or that the gameplay wasn’t fun, but I just thought it was completely unnecessary. The Rattlers were tacked on and underdeveloped – cool concept, I think, but they just didn’t get enough time in the game for anything to really make sense there. However, their base was a pretty cool area that felt more developed than a lot of other enemy areas in the game, and I think I would have enjoyed it more had it shown up earlier.

It broke my heart when we finally found Abby at the end of the game, sans braid and gaunt after months of abuse. Hadn’t she suffered enough? And then Ellie still wants to fight her? Abby didn’t even want to fight back. I’ll definitely have a separate post for all my thoughts on Abby. All I’ll say for now is that I love her, and I hate to see all the online hate (even if you do hate her, sending death threats to Laura Bailey is completely inappropriate). I hated having to fight her and I practically cried through the entire battle.

I did like that we got to see Ellie decide not to kill Abby, but at what cost? They could’ve reworked the first fight to achieve this. She had already decided to let her go after she found Jesse and Tommy, knowing she had to get a pregnant Dina home. Now Ellie’s really lost everything. And honestly? I felt like she deserved it. That sounds harsh, and I definitely wouldn’t be saying that if she had just stayed on the farm with Dina. This isn’t me trying to hate on Ellie, this is me absolutely loving her, but being incredibly disappointed by her decisions. I know some people were upset they didn’t get to kill Abby, or that they didn’t get to make a choice. And apparently Ellie did kill her in the game’s original ending. But if that had happened, it might have ruined the game for me.

This post probably makes it seem like I hate the game, but I don’t. I really loved a lot of it. Next post is gonna be a 100% positive post to make up for it. Criticism is a kindness and I think I feel so strongly about the ending because there were so many parts of the game I loved. This won’t be my only criticism, but it might be the strongest, which is why I wanted to get it out here first. How did y’all feel about the ending?

2 thoughts on “The Last of Us Part 2: The Ending

  1. My feelings exactly about the ending of TLOU2. I had such a twisted feeling in the pit of my stomach as I was nearing the end of the game. The closest thing to it in terms of heaviness would maybe be the finale of Metal Gear Solid 3. I hated what happened to Abby, and I even said aloud “just stop it, Ellie!”

    Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the game…👍🏻

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  2. For me, the entire point of that last section was exactly what it felt like, absolutely pointless and just more suffering. That kind of IS the point to it, Ellie even says “**** all these groups” in a journal or out loud at some point. Rattlers, WLF, Fireflies, Seraphites. Its all the same. Everyone killing each other for no real reason. Ellie’s comments echoed my own thoughts and I laughed out loud.

    That’s the reason I think the Rattlers come across as “underdeveloped” to be honest, they’re meant to be this faceless oh-yet-another-faction. Why can’t this just be over. It becomes pretty clear from the get-go they’re not nice people, you should have fun taking them out, hence the silenced SMG and chained up infected.

    The fight at the end just had me internally screaming BOTH OF YOU JUST STOP and finally, Ellie comes to that realisation. The way she sits solemnly in the water and tells Abby “Go. Just take him.” and particularly that last part of the line, the way AJ delivers it, sent shivers down my spine. Here is a broken woman and she finally knows it. Now they can both move on, but damn, what they put each other through to get to this point, what we experience as a player… So many moments I’ll never forget, so many thoughts still swimming around in my head.

    If any of it had happened any other way, it would have been a very different game, but it is what it is, they told the story they wanted to tell, warts and all. I loved it.

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