Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #29

It’s July and swimming is here! That means lots of new bugs, fish, and now deep sea creatures to catch. Pascal is here too, and he’s brought a whole new diy set – the mermaid set. Although, pearls have been practically impossible for me to find…Pascal did give me a mermaid tiara, no crafting required, so at least I’ll have one item.

Here are some of my latest catches, starting with fish:

The betta’s not new this month, but I just finally caught it (thought it was supposed to be common??)
You can’t even see me! Just the top of my hyacinth crown.

Some bugs:

Shoulda gotten a better pic

And those brand new sea creatures:

The other big news is that Azurerose now has a 5-star rating! So I now have the golden watering can, and I can get to work on breeding gold roses! And a lily-of-the-valley flower appeared on my island the next day.

The bug off happened and I managed to get all the items – only got a bronze trophy though. I think you really need to play with friends if you want a gold trophy and you don’t want to play all day.

Yes, Flick, yes I did.

I hung out with some friends from Zelda Dungeon, and we had a diving competition and a little photoshoot.

They all had lots of wand outfits, which made me realize I need to work on mine.

If I stream Animal Crossing, I’d really like to do a bunch of competitions and trading events to make things fun for everyone. I’ve got a microphone on the way – next up, capture card!

Now it’s time to go back to pearl hunting…wish me luck.

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