Top 20 Dungeons in the Zelda Series #15-11

Today I’ve got the second installment for my top 20 dungeons in the Zelda series, inspired by Zelda Dungeon’s top 50 dungeons. Their full list is out now, so go check it out! And here’s my first installment if you missed it.

15) Eagle’s Tower – Link’s Awakening

The first thing I’m gonna say about Eagle Tower is that yes, it is a pain in the butt when you accidentally fall through the floor and you have to navigate back to where you were. But when it’s intentional, it’s a really fun and clever way to move around a dungeon. Carrying a ball through the dungeon so you can bring down its pillars and ascend the tower was such a unique feature that I couldn’t leave this dungeon out. And that boss battle is excellent.

14) Deepwood Shrine – Minish Cap

I adore Minish Cap and its shrinking down size mechanic. Deepwood Shrine keeps you tiny through the whole dungeon. The dungeon’s central barrel has you going in all directions, including a fall to the floor below after you’ve retrieved the gust jar. The chuchu, a common, easy-to-beat enemy at your normal size, becomes a menacing enemy at Minish size. And it comes back in the next dungeon on my list…

13) Temple of Droplets – Minish Cap

That. Music. I don’t normally like ice dungeons – not many like the slippery ice mechanic that takes away any chance at precise movements. They always have narrow ice paths with enemies coming at you so you’re gonna have a hard time not falling. But I do love melting ice. Not only do you melt ice on a room by room basis, you also have to melt a giant chunk of ice to get the water element. You get to use your fancy new four sword self duplication trick too.

12) Forest Temple – Ocarina of Time

This dungeon is number one on a lot of people’s lists. I love that it has a central puzzle – finding and defeating each Poe sister to light the 4 colored-flame torches. I love the twisting hallways and creepy wallmasters. I love the open air garden sections and the art gallery that lend even more to a mansion/castle-y feel. And speaking of that art gallery, Phantom Ganon is such a fantastic boss. I think the reason it’s not higher on my list is that I love the concept of it, but I don’t love playing it as much as some of the others. In fact, this might be how I feel about the whole game.

11) Thieves’ Hideout – A Link Between Worlds

Yeah, I know people don’t like escort missions. Especially when whoever being escorted is essentially useless. But this one’s pretty easy – it’s not difficult to keep the Thief Girl safe. And figuring out how to get her from place to place (since she lacks your ever so convenient wall-traveling skill) makes for some fun puzzle solving. The wall merging mechanic gets a lot of use here. I just kinda wish I got to see Thief Girl again after this.

Dungeons with central puzzles got a lot of love today (I swear it wasn’t on purpose, I didn’t even notice until I was halfway through writing this). There’s the pillars in Eagle’s Tower, the barrel in Deepwood Shrine, the ice block in Temple of Droplets, and the 4 flames in the Forest Temple. Maybe I’ll add that to the list of things I wanna see in Breath of the Wild‘s sequel. Stay tuned for #10 – 6!

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