Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #28

Now that a new update’s been announced for New Horizons, I figured it was time to get one more post out before it happens. Although we still won’t have Brewster (sad face), another much loved feature from New Leaf is returning – diving! And so is our old friend Pascal (new trading sequence?). There’s also some new kind of Gulliver encounter – glad they’re trying to mix things up. The last bit of the announcement teased fireworks for an early August update too! I don’t think we’ll see Brewster in August, but maybe September? I guess we’ll find out.

I mentioned in my last post that I hadn’t done much with the current wedding event, but I finally decided to go back to it. Gotta get all that furniture. I really like some of it, especially the flowery stuff and the candles. And I realized you can customize most of it.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get Harvey’s rainbow mobile? Also, it’s just occurred to me how awesome porches would be in the game. Or outdoor structures like gazebos.

The photo session alternates between ceremony and reception.

I may have failed my first shark encounter, but I’ve caught a few finned sea creatures since. It’s fun to watch my museum fill up – and I’ll get to fill it up even more when diving gets added to the game!

Also got a couple non-finned guys.

I’ve been trying to decorate my island more…still don’t have that 5 star rating. I only care about the rating so I can get lily of the valley flowers and that golden watering can recipe. Might just randomly plop down a bunch of furniture.

This is what led me to finally get the tea cup ride, which I like, but I’d rather have the colorful version of.

I really love the way my garden center is starting to shape up – I’m hoping I’ll get the diy recipe for the flower cart soon. It’s a little frustrating when I keep getting recipes that were literally given to me as part of the game’s tutorial.

I’m so close to finishing my blue flower garden. Hopefully it’ll be done by my next post. It all depends on how fast those blue roses spawn.

Thanks for reading!

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