More Things I’d Like to See in the Breath of the Wild Sequel

Shortly after Breath of the Wild‘s sequel announcement at last year’s E3, I wrote a post on what features I’d like to see in the new game. It’s now been one year since the announcement and we haven’t had any updates, and who knows when we will get news. Many thought that it would be featured strongly in this year’s E3, which was supposed to occur this week before its cancelation. In the meantime, I’ve had time to think about a few other things I’d like to see in the sequel, and I’d like to share as we wait for the next announcement.

A Trading Sequence – There’s something I love about a good trading sequence. I’d love a well done trading sequence that isn’t required, but still has a significant impact on your playthrough – not in a ‘you have to do this to get the perfect ending’ way though.

Boats – This is something inspired from the upcoming game, Windbound, which looks to take a lot of inspiration from the Zelda series. We’ve already seen sailboats in Breath of the Wild, which can be piloted using a korok leaf, but I’d like to see something more advanced, perhaps even in the form of a personal, customizable boat.

Caves – In my last list of things I said I wanted to see in the sequel, I mentioned diving, and I think caving goes hand-in-hand with that. Zelda and Link appear to be exploring a cave in the game’s trailer, and I hope this extends to gameplay and not only a cutscene.

Creative Dungeons – a la Skyward Sword‘s Sandship and Twilight Princess‘s Snowpeak Ruins (and Breath of the Wild‘s own Hyrule Caste). Dungeons like these are my favorite kind and when Breath of the Wild‘s open world was first revealed, I thought this would be the perfect direction to go in for dungeons. Some of my favorite shrines kind of did this, but I want more. Maybe a dungeon in a cave? On the flip side, I still don’t want the game to be overly dungeon heavy – at least not with traditional ones.

What features would you like to see in Breath of the Wild‘s sequel?

2 thoughts on “More Things I’d Like to See in the Breath of the Wild Sequel

  1. I reeeaallly hope they re-work the weapon durability system. I know some people love it, and some people hate it, but it drove me nuts and I hope they improve it. Also with you on hoping for better, more creative dungeons!

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  2. I really liked the shrines in Breath of the Wild, but I’m kinda hoping for full-fledged dungeons in the sequel. My other hopes are pretty simple: Fishing and I want a Hookshot…


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