Black Lives Matter: Supporting Black People in the Video Game Industry/Community

With the protests for George Floyd and all the other black lives lost going on, I haven’t been gaming much this past week. Instead I’ve been putting my energy into signing petitions, donating, writing emails, and doing whatever I can. Still, it’s not enough. And I haven’t forgotten about this blog in the midst of things. I have 3 posts sitting in my drafts right now. But I had to get this post out first.

Racism exists in every aspect of our lives, including the video game community. Today, many people are posting a black screen, mostly on Instagram, for Blackout Tuesday. This gesture is merely performative if it’s all we do. We must also lift up and support black voices, including in the video game community. So here’s where I shut up and do that. Please follow, please listen, please support.

Twitter Accounts – A lot of these accounts boost other accounts, so definitely check them out.

Black Game Developers

Black Girl Gamers

I Need Diverse Games

Thumbstick Mafia

Black Girls Code

The Cookout

Spawn on Me


Aerial Knight

Game Devs of Color Expo

Gita Jackson

Laura Francis



Rashad Redic

Terence ‘Dr. Videogames’ Wiggins

Blog Posts/Articles

Rad Magpie – Support Black Game Developers

Blerdy Otome’s Melanin Mondays

Blerdy Otome’s Black Creators You Should be Following

Afro Tech – 10 Games by Black Developers

IGN – Games Developed by Black Developers

Black Girl Nerds – 8 of the Best Black Gamers


Black Game Devs

If there’s anything that should be included here that isn’t (and I know there is), let me know and I will add it! I wanted to get this post out quickly, but I will update, and continue adding to my indie games page.

This is the end of my post, but it isn’t *the end.* I must and will continue to support black people in the gaming community. Black Lives Matter.

Some Ways to Help:

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