Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #26

I wanted to get one last entry in before the summer season begins in Animal Crossing. I’ve been focusing a lot on hybrid flower breeding lately, but after visiting a couple friends’ islands, I was inspired (incredibly jealous of how developed their islands were) to start a couple new projects. So I’d like to give some updates!

I had a rainbow garden in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I decided I wanted to go bigger and better for my new town. It’s still a work in progress, but I love it so far.

I’ve been wanting to do something around the fountain that I put in front of my house ages ago, and I finally got around to that. Again, it’s still a work in progress – mostly with changing the flowers around – but I think it looks pretty nice.

I knew I wanted to do something around the museum exterior as well, but I finally have an idea, and it involves butterflies! For know I’ve got a partial t-rex hanging around.

In addition, the fossil section of my museum is complete! It’s always the first section to be completed if you’re not time traveling, but it’s still quite an achievement.

I’ve added 2 new bridges. Almost all of the island is accessible without a ladder or pole vault now!

It’s gemini season! I love how the star fragments look and I’d really like to do something where I place all the different ones outside together. I know that’ll lower my town rating, but once I get the lily of the valley flowers and the golden watering can, I won’t really care too much about that.

Found 2 on the beach – thought that was appropriate for the twin constellation

I still haven’t had any blue rose success, but I’m trying to work on other stuff so that’s not my sole focus. I did get green mums though! I’m also working on breeding black cosmos and purple tulips.

My next entry won’t be til next month (less than a week away!) and it will be summer in Azurerose. The hydrangeas will be blooming and I’ll be sure to post lots of pics of those. I’ll leave you with these last 2 pics from my brother-in-law’s island.

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