Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #25

I can’t believe we’re just under 2 weeks until summer in Animal Crossing! I’m looking forward to new seasonal materials and diy recipes, as well as any events we’ve got in store. I’ve mostly been working on beautifying my island, and breeding the last few hybrid flowers I don’t have (still no blue rose, but I have a few pretty purple mums now). I started a blue rose breeding method from scratch and created my own checklist for flowers I need – hopefully I’ll get there soon.

International Museum Day was yesterday, and Animal Crossing’s celebrating with a Stamp Rally that goes through the end of the month. You just have to get three stamps from each section of the museum, not including art, and you’ll get a reward for each. While the stamp rally points change every day, the rewards do not – you get each of the museum plaques.

Several areas on my island are still a work in progress, and there’s one idea I won’t be able to work on until fall because I need mushroom furniture. That’s something to look forward to though! I’d still like to share a couple areas, as well as one completed project.

nice bamboo sanctuary
I’m trying to get all the floor light colors for this area – my blue flower garden is up top
Heart-shaped pond with a pink flower border!

While I’m no longer playing for hours and hours everyday, I’m really enjoying the routine of getting up, watering my flowers, finding the daily fossils and diy recipes, and trying to sell my turnips for maximum profit. I’ll have my last home loan all paid off by my next entry! That’s all for today, except for a pic of my newest villager’s house – Cyrano, and a riddle Benedict sent me that I found quite amusing.

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