Real Neat Blog Award

Last month I got nominated for a Real Neat Blog Award by Meghan from Meghan Plays Games, and I thought it was about time to get around to my post. I really enjoy these tag posts, even if it takes me awhile to get to them, as it gives me an opportunity to talk about things I don’t normally talk about here. It’s a fun change!

My Answers:

How do you take your coffee? I take it with a little bit of sugar and cream.

What’s your go-to game since we’ve been in quarantine? Animal Crossing of course! While I’m not playing as much as I was when it first came out, it’s still a part of my daily routine, and it’s given me lots of blog content for a time when I’m not feeling particularly inspired to write.

What’s your favorite dinosaur? I think the brachiosaurus – it’s such a big boy, and it’s like the giraffe of the dino world.

What’s a memorable quote (and who said it) from a book/movie/song/video game that you love? Hayley Williams’s Petals for Armor album just came out, so I’m gonna go with a lyric from Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris:

“And I will not compare other beauty to mine
And I will not become a thorn in my own side
And I will not return to where I once was
Well I can break through the earth, come up soft and wild”

If you could go back in time and see one artist/band in concert that no longer plays shows anymore (for whatever reason) who would it be? I thought it would take me longer to decide on this, but I almost immediately thought of Queen.

Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you ever get one? I have two! I have a triforce on my wrist, and a silent princess flower (from Breath of the Wild) with the blue and white colors flipped on my ankle/lower leg. And I’d like to get more.

Share a screenshot from a game you’ve been playing recently and the story behind it.

This is a screenshot from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which I think I’ll be writing a post about soon. I don’t want to fully explain the screenshot for spoiler reasons, but I thought this was a really interesting moment considering the game’s title. You’re about to discover what’s casting the shadow on the wall on the right, and terrified of what it is. You’ve gotten brief glimpses, and you know that it’s dangerous, but you’re not sure what it is or why it’s been attacking.

My Questions – I’m not going to tag anyone, but I’m bringing back some questions from my last Real Neat Blog Award in hopes of hearing your thoughts. Even if you just post in the comments, I’d love to hear your answers!

  • What’s an upcoming indie game you’re looking forward to?
  • What indie game(s) have you enjoyed recently?
  • What indie developers should I follow on Twitter (or other social media)?
  • What blog posts about indie games should I go read? 
  • What’s your favorite indie game with multiplayer?
  • What’s your favorite indie game soundtrack? (feel free to list more than one)
  • Have you played any indie games that were totally different from any other games you’ve played?

2 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Awesome answers! I’ll take a crack at yours, but none of my answers will be that original…
    1. A lot of the indie games showcased at Nintendo’s most recent Indie World presentation looked great to me – I’m most looking forward to I Am Dead, and The Last Campfire.
    2. I haven’t played any indie’s lately, since I’ve been pretty into P5R, and Animal Crossing.
    3. Thatgamecompany are probably my favourite devs, so I’d follow them!
    4. I’ve read so many blog posts here about great indie games, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head…
    5. I love the multiplayer in Journey, because it’s so unique. I think Overcooked is technically an indie game as well, so I’d say that too.
    6. Sorry, gotta go with Journey again. The soundtrack to Journey is fantastic, it’s my go-to relaxing/background working music.
    7. A lot of indie games feel different, gameplay-wise, and two more recent examples that I can think of would be What Remains of Edith Finch and Outer Wilds. Their gameplay/structure felt really unique to me.

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