Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #24

It’s been a little while since my last entry! I actually had to go back to my last one to remember what I wrote about. Not much new has been going on since my last entry, but it’s a new month, so I’ve caught a few more fish and insects for the museum. I also have three paintings in the art section now, including the much loved, Starry Night (Twinkling Painting in game).

I’ve acquired two new bushes from Leif, the camellia (which I’ll have to wait the longest to see in bloom) and my favorite, the hydrangea (which will bloom in about a month)!

Still no blue roses for me, but I’ve decided to use two methods at the same time now – the method I started with is the one I used in New Leaf, but the new method, although a little more complicated, has a higher chance of producing blue roses. See this google doc if interested in the method, or to see how hybrid breeding works in Animal Crossing. I am so close to time traveling for these flowers…

I’ve had so many days with rain that my flower situation is getting a little out of hand…I’ve gotta figure out what to do with all of them. I’ve already put a lot of them in the park area I’m working on.

I enjoyed the May Day island. The rewards weren’t really anything special, but the maze was entertaining and it felt new and fresh for New Horizons.

One of my friends had a meteor shower AND I had a meteor shower, so I’ve been able to collect some taurus star fragments – they’re such a pretty color, I’d love to just display them around town.

Celeste gave me the starry garland diy and I plan on crafting a ton of them for my room…already got this nice blue one.

Hopper’s moved away, so I’m gonna go on a few mystery island tours to see if there are any villagers I’d like to move in. But if not, we’ll still have a new Azurerose resident by my next entry.

Looking ahead, we’ve got a museum event coming up in a little over a week – I’m excited for the extra museum interactivity. And in June, we’ll have the wedding season event, which I’m less excited for, but maybe it will surprise me! June is also the start of summer in Animal Crossing, so I’m very excited to experience a new season.

That’s all for today’s entry, hoping to show off some blue roses soon!

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