Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #23

Hello everyone, we’ve got a new Animal Crossing update, one I’ve been truly excited for as we now have bushes in the games. I picked up some azaleas and tea olive shrubs from Leif, and a friend sent me holly. May Day is also coming up, which means we’ll get a special May Day island to go tour. And Rover will be there! No idea what else this island’s got in store, but I’m very excited!

Trying to decide if I should move the tree to make the azaleas more visible.
Some tea olives around the campsite.

We’ve also got art now, coinciding with good old Redd’s arrival. The museum’s expanded, and I’ll donate my second piece of artwork tomorrow.

Redd has docked his ship on the secret beach, playing it a bit more low profile than when he sold from a tent right in the town plaza in New Leaf.

It’s very dark in here…

Nook’s Cranny has finally upgraded and it’s so cute now. I love its new look. I hope I’ll get to enjoy this one for awhile before we get any updates.

Since my last entry, where I complained of my lack of purple rose breeding luck, I’ve gotten 2! And I’ve bred 2 hybrid red roses, so I’ve put those together in hopes of breeding that fabled blue rose.

I’m trying out some design ideas around town right now – especially adding dirt underneath the flowers to make them look like flowerbeds. I think it looks really nice.

Shari said something a little concerning to me the other day.

She was, of course, referring to all the dinosaur fossils, and not anything where we might have a Poltergeist situation on our hands.

That’s all for today, see you next time!

A witchy double rainbow
They’re all doing yoga together!

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