Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #21

The cherry blossoms are gone, Bunny Day is over, the Fishing Tourney played out, and things are back to ‘normal’ in Animal Crossing. As much as I love the pink trees, I was excited to see it rain again, and I can’t wait to experience my first thunderstorm.

A few hours later…well…ask and you shall receive! After a little morning rain shower, the skies seemed to be clearing up. We had a little blue sky in Azurerose, but then the clouds began rolling in again, except this time they were much darker. Soon enough, lightning stuck, and low rumbles of thunder made their way to my ears.

I really appreciated the detail New Horizons has added to thunderstorms. There were bright flashes of lightning that lit up the whole sky, flashes in distant clouds, and lightning strikes.

I had a little early morning fun the other day, enjoying the colors of the sky at 4 and 5am, and enjoying the last moment of cherry blossom trees. I wanted to wait for the sun to rise, but I was too tired and decided I do it another time.

I love giving my villagers door decorations – here’s Ed’s beautiful fruit wreath.

The fishing tourney was this past Saturday – it was a bit too much grinding, but I got a few items I really like. Here are my fishing tourney spoils:

My favorite items were the rug, the umbrella, and the fish pochette you can see if you look closely in the last picture (just under my hair).

I finally went and created my own tarantula island. I arrived at bamboo island, which seems to be the easiest to transform into tarantula island. Your work isn’t done after you’ve effectively destroyed the island. There are still a couple bug spawns you can’t get rid of, so you have to chase those away (while being careful not to attract the attention of any unseen tarantulas ready to attack).

I didn’t play too much on Easter, but I did get the three new crafting items. Everyone’s hating on the egg outfits, but I think they’re adorable!

Ken has decided it’s time to move away and I’ve decided to allow it. I think if I don’t have any strong feelings against it when a villagers ask to move, I’ll allow it. So by my next entry, Azurerose could have a new resident!

Flick came to my island for the first time today and I love them. Selling bugs to Flick helped me pay off the loan for my upstairs room, so now I’m ready for a basement. I’m gonna try to go for tarantula island tonight to rake in some major bells.

I’m planning a little furniture/item/flower giveaway on Twitter for when I reach 100 followers, so if you’re interested, go follow me and I’ll post as soon as I reach 100. As of posting this, I’m at 67 followers.

I’m looking forward to Earth Day next week and I’m hoping we’ll get some pretty, new plant items. And as we approach 4 weeks since Animal Crossing’s release, I imagine a lot of us who haven’t been time traveling are about to get a Nook’s Cranny upgrade…see you next entry!

Still no purple roses….just another white

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