Music Monday: An Ode to Lena Raine

This Music Monday is dedicated to one of my favorite video game composers: Lena Raine. I became familiar with her after playing Celeste, and I’m always excited to hear about new projects she’s working on. I’ve posted tracks from Celeste and Chicory before (and I’ll post a couple more today), but I just started finished her game, ESC, and learned that she composed a few new tracks for Minecraft, so we’ll take a listen to these as well.

In The Mirror – Celeste

I absolutely love all of the music from the Celeste ost, and I’d highly recommend playing the game so you can truly get a feel for how well designed the soundtrack is. Or go check out any of Lena Raine’s interviews on the soundtrack.

Blank Canvas – Chicory

Chicory is an upcoming game in which you play as a dog restoring color to the world using a magic paintbrush. This track is so lovely and peaceful – it belongs on one of those ‘relaxing video game music’ playlists.

So Below – Minecraft

I’m not very familiar with Minecraft music, but knowing what the nether is makes me feel that Lena Raine has done another excellent job matching music to an environment.

Perception Shift – ESC

This track is featured in Raine’s interactive novel, ESC. It’s free right now on, so you should definitely check it out. You will be confused at first, but you just gotta work through the confusion. The soundtrack sets up the perfect atmosphere for the game, and I hope you’ll play the game to see how it fits.

Thanks for listening, and thanks to Lena Raine for being such a fantastic composer! One last little treat – my Celeste town tune (Scattered and Lost) as sung by Blathers in Animal Crossing.

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