Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #20

I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out. So much has changed on my island, but I’ve got so much more in store.

Last night I went to a friend’s island for his birthday party. I only took one picture, of this cute shell arch. I really need to get some shell diy recipes.

Today’s the last day for cherry blossoms, so I’m trying to enjoy them as much as possible and catching last minute blossoms in case I decide I want to craft extra cherry blossom furniture.

It’s also Shari’s birthday – I got her a pear wardrobe.

I’ve done a bit of gardening around my house – I’m trying to decide on hyacinth placement. I can’t decide what colors I want, other than I definitely want red. I started to put hybrids in, but I thought they’d look better in a separate garden. I also took down the cedar tree, but decided immediately that it felt like something was missing without it there.

Current Garden

I love the line of hyacinths I’ve placed below, next to the beach though.

I’ve found another hybrid windflower island today, and now have more pink and blue windflowers than I know what to do with.

I also have a potential spot for my blue flower garden, although it’s also a potential spot for the Roost whenever Brewster hopefully shows up.

Really enjoying the daily conversations with Mable and Sable, and I can’t wait to get a visit from Label…hopefully within the next week!

K.K. Slider is here a day early, perhaps because of the Fishing Tourney tomorrow.

I’ve got a few projects in mind (and one I’ve already started) for the island, so hopefully I’ll be showing those off soon enough! They involve moving things around a bit, and obtaining some items I don’t have, so I’m not exactly sure when they’ll be done but I have a pretty concrete idea of how I want them to look.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with a post on the Fishing Tourney and Bunny Day (and maybe a new room/customized house)!

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