Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #18

I haven’t played too much Animal Crossing today because I made donuts this morning (while listening to Celeste’s soundtrack). But I’ve been enjoying the cherry blossoms floating all around town as well as on top of rivers and ponds.

The exterior of my house is a bit different – I’ve changed the siding and put up my Bunny Day wreath.

Sable’s been really sweet. And I think I’ve found my favorite look so far at the Able Sisters.

I call it ‘Paper Bag Princess’

I finally found a flower crown diy recipe. Of course it’s a hybrid cosmos crown…I only have red and yellow, and a new orange cosmo that’s just popped up today.

I haven’t seen Hopper in his house today, so I’ll just give you a peak of his cardboard box-filled house – clever wallpaper and flooring. Hopefully I can catch Winnie and Hopper in their houses tomorrow.

Ed tried to move out…I swiftly disallowed it. Dude’s barely spent any time in Azurerose. I just built him a heckin incline.

I’ve been invited to a friend’s Animal Crossing birthday party on Friday, the Fishing Tourney’s on Saturday, and Bunny Day is Sunday. It’s gonna be a busy weekend! I’ve gotta get back to crafting, so I’ll see you tomorrow!

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