Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #17

For all of you who have been hating the frequency of eggs in this Bunny Day event, there is good news – the game’s been updated today to decrease their appearance rates. The rates will stay lowered until Bunny Day (April 12th) after which, of course, they will disappear. So fret not about catching zillions of eggs instead of fish for the upcoming Fishing Tourney this Saturday!

Azurerose will be a full town tomorrow, with 10 residents, not including me. Hopper moved in today, and I’ve invited Winnie, who I ran into on a mystery island tour.

Last night’s meteor shower was wonderful, with several hundred shooting stars and lots of wishes. I’ve found plenty of star fragments (including large ones) on the beach today. They didn’t all cover my beach at once, rather, like shells they’ve shown up a few at a time and continued to spawn throughout the day.

I have a nice, wide upstairs room now. The Happy Home Academy and Benedict both sent me kitchen items, which I appreciate, but I’m not putting them upstairs.

I also have house siding customization options! I’ll be checking them out later and maybe tomorrow my house will look a little different.

Scoot put up the mum wreath I sent him. I like how this wreath actually uses hybrid mums (not in crafting, just in design).

I’m so excited that Sable has finally expressed how happy she is to see me coming in to the shop everyday.

I’ve got a pink rose now, but still no orange or purple. It’s time to get more serious about those so I can get that blue rose. I’ll only be watering the white roses the get purple and the red and yellow to get orange.

I’ll probably continue daily Animal Crossing Diaries for a few more days, and then they’ll be a bit less frequent – still multiple a week for awhile though! With that being said, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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