Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #16

There’s going to be a meteor shower on my island tonight! I’ve invited a friend over so we can both wish on as many stars as possible. I better have a large star fragment tomorrow… I think Celeste comes around to see the shooting stars, so maybe I’ll get a new diy tonight. I’d really love those starry string lights.

K.K. Slider was here yesterday taking requests. I asked for ‘Only Me’ and he slipped me a copy so I could play it on the stereo. You could also tell him what mood you were in and he’d pick something out for you.

Now that I’ve got a few bridges and inclines around, I’ve gone ahead and paid off my latest loan, and discussed adding a second floor with Tom Nook. I’ve got quite a loan to pay off this time. But I’m ready to get that extra room so I can start designing my bedroom!

I let some of my turnips from last Sunday spoil, so I have attracted ants. After catching one for the museum, I disposed of the turnips.

I visited my brother-in-law’s island, and he has Reneigh! I seriously need her in Azurerose. He has a neat little outdoor cafe and a lovely fruit orchard.

I like to revisit my museum every couple days to check out my new donations, and I ran into Ken…

I also discovered that you can sit right in front of the tank here. What a great view!

I now have a purple hyacinth, which means I have every hyacinth color! Yay!

Finally, I’ve broken ground into my private, hidden beach. I’ll be working on that for the next several days – there will be extensive terraforming.

Sable has officially introduced herself! She’s so sweet. I wonder when we’ll meet Lable.

Wrapping up today’s post, I’ll leave you with a pretty cherry blossom pile. The cherry blossoms are ‘snowing’ down in real life as well, so it’s quite appropriate!

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