Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #13

Boy, is there a lot to do today in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With two events starting today, the Cherry Blossom Festival and Bunny Day, plus the arrival of new bugs and fish with the change of the month, I’ve been busy in Azurerose.

First we’ll start with some regular island business. Ed is all moved in and somehow able to traverse the island despite the lack of incline to his house (I’m about to camp out at his house to see how he gets back). Naomi arrived today, so she’ll spend the day unpacking and cleaning. I totally need to find the shell wreath diy for her door.

Poor Chevre is sick – I went to her house with medicine after Benedict asked me to check up on her.

Benedict has been ever helpful today, as I also found a lost item, and after inquiring if it was his, he suggested I ask Audie. And that’s exactly whose lost item it was!

I decided to go check on my town rating, and Azurerose has gone up to 3 stars! We got some feedback signed by a “K.S.” raising some suspicion in Tom Nook. Could it be? The famous musician?

After making a quick call to confirm his suspicions, Tom Nook has invited the one and only K.K. Slider to town! Turns out he could be here as soon as tomorrow. I’m sure ready for a concert.

I caught a few new bugs and fish today. I saw the agrias butterfly speed by me, but it was too fast for me to catch. I’ll get it another time.

Now onto some event festivities! The moment I left my house I was greeted by the beautiful cherry blossom trees. I also had a money cherry blossom tree, and a young cherry blossom tree.

It wasn’t long before I came across my first cherry blossom floating around town. Time to start collecting for some diy recipes! The first cherry blossom diy I found was the cherry blossom bonsai, so I crafted that right up for my plant room.

Now for some Bunny Day fun! You can find eggs by going about your normal activities (fishing, chopping wood, hitting rocks, digging, shaking trees, and hitting down balloons). This event is gonna have me crafting a lot of tools.

I’ve found diy recipes from balloons, messages-in-a-bottle, other villagers, and even my own thoughts!

With the rest of my day, I plan to put out a new house plot, demolish my log bridge so I can put up a new one, go mystery island hopping, and do more birthday party prep. I will see you tomorrow with more cherry blossom and Bunny Day fun!

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3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #13

  1. Ed is a magician confirmed. I love the cherry blossom bonsai, I really hope I get this DIY. Hunting eggs and DIY recipes was so much fun today.

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