Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #12

Things have been eventful as usual on Azurerose. The Able Sisters shop has opened up (time to start befriending Sable!) and we have a new incline.

Ken is fully moved in, with a pretty cool-looking house.

I’ve got a brand new door and mailbox – did you know you can move the mailbox afters you’ve added 2 more rooms to your house?

I was determined to invite the first horse villager I could find, even if it wasn’t one of my favorites (Savannah, Victoria, Winnie, Reneigh), and I found Ed! Poor Ed is moving into the cliffside plot, where there’s no incline yet, so he’ll be stuck for a bit. I also noticed the beach plot has been sold to Naomi!

I saw a few shooting stars last night, but I only managed to wish on two. I found a regular star fragment and an aries fragment on the beach this morning. Hopefully I get a meteor shower soon!

Wisp visited again yesterday and I noticed how beautifully he sings the town tune. I posted a little clip of him singing the Violet City them from Pokémon Gold/Silver here.

After changing the town tune to the Clock Town theme from Majora’s Mask, I had a little chat with Isabelle about island evals. I’ve got a 2 star rating today, which is up from yesterday’s one star rating. She advised getting more furniture placed around town.

I have some new hybrid flowers – some orange hyacinths that have bloomed, and some black rose buds (ready for Halloween already).

I am super excited for tomorrow, for the arrival of cherry blossom and Bunny Day festivities! It’s going to be a real fun couple of weeks. And a cherry blossom event started in Pocket Camp today. There are now sakura garden terrain option (they look so good, but so many leaf tickets!) I’ll just put up the sakura furniture I already have…and maybe attempt to save up the leaf tickets.

I’m also planning a little island birthday party for myself on Friday, so I’m hard at work crafting party favors with my native fruit and flowers.

I’ll leave you with this pic I forgot to post the other day with everyone hanging out on the plaza. I love how the plaza changes throughout the day. See you tomorrow!

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