Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #10

Things on Azurerose get more and more lively every day! Soon it will be a bustling little island, graced by visits from K.K. Slider. And I hope we can get a cafe one day too (Brewster, please!). Do these posts count as Robinsonade?

The campsite is ready and we have a visitor! Let’s give a warm welcome to Ken, who has decided he’s moving in!

I’ve picked a nice little plot of land for him, and he’ll be here tomorrow!

Construction on my stone bridge is complete and…

construction on an incline has begun! I immediately paid the costs in full, so we’ll have that incline tomorrow.

The Able sisters are coming! Mable’s decided that her customer base is big enough for a new store. I gave her and Sable a prime

riverfront location.

I bought some turnips from Daisy Mae this morning. Some for selling, and some for rotting, so I can catch those ants for the museum. I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes opened for these pictures…

I’ve got a new room on the right, my future kitchen. I’ll miss those outdoor bushes… Benedict gave me a mini fridge, which apparently I can use to get changed?

Here’s that pretty little orange pansy I posted about a couple days ago. The plaza sure is hopping!

And here’s Azurerose’s new flag. I’ll definitely be tweaking it some. I’ll probably mess around with the leaf, and add stuff to the corners. I’m not sure about the background color either, I just definitely didn’t like white.

The other thing I’ve considered is doing a blue background and a white rose outline.

One last announcement…I’m moving! This is my last day on the beach. I’m definitely gonna give that beach plot to a new villager though. I’ve got lots of plans for my new location.

And I’ll leave you with a cute lil pic of Chevre reading in the flowers…haha

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