Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #9

Welcome to day 9 on Azurerose. Yesterday was Tom Nook’s last day of announcements, passing the torch to Isabelle. I think she’s enjoying the job.

Celeste visited my island last night, which was super exciting – she’s one of my favorite characters – and certainly a fan favorite. It was also really cool to hear her sing music from the game Celeste. She gave me a wand diy recipe which requires some star fragments. I haven’t seen any shooting stars yet, but I haven’t spent too much time looking.

I’ve finally run into a special mystery island that’s not a bamboo island…it’s hybrid windflower island! I picked up as many blue and pink windflowers as possible.

Now that I have blue flowers on my island, I can catch peacock butterflies! At 2,500 bells a pop, I am catching every one I see to rack up the $$$.

Headed to another mystery island this morning, and I got apples! I dug up one tree to take back, and picked the rest to sell back on Azurerose.

Grey skies show Azurerose is about to get a storm. Shari brightens things up with the cutest rainy day outfit. It doesn’t stay rainy for too long though…

It’s a double rainbow!! New Horizon’s rainbows are more similar to real life ones than New Leaf’s. In New Leaf, rainbows would start off pretty faint after a storm, and gradually become more vibrant for a half an hour before fading off again. In New Horizons, the rainbow is most vibrant right as it stops raining.

As for island business, the museum’s got a nice new location on the second level of my island, just to the west of this pretty waterfall area.

I’ve just fully funded my new bridge today, so it will be ready tomorrow, and I will be ready to put an incline somewhere on the island.

Today’s town tune is Ballad of the Wind Fish. Catch a clip of Chevre singing it here.

I plan to create a town flag today, so hopefully I’ll get to show it off in tomorrow’s post! So it’s time to get back to Azurerose, rack up some bells, and get creative!

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