Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #8

It’s been one week since Animal Crossing: New Horizons released and it’s already taken the world by storm. Everyday is an adventure on my island, with new things to do – I’m particularly excited for the arrival of cherry blossoms in a few days.


The new and improved Resident Services has opened on Azurerose, and Tom Nook is ready to really get things hopping on the island. He’s revealed a new plan, dubbed ‘Project K’ to get K.K. Slider to come perform a concert here! To get things started, he’s asked me to build and place a campsite construction set to increase tourism.

With the Resident Services upgrade, there are several new options for designing my island. I can now build bridges and inclines/staircases, move or demolish buildings, and customize the exterior of my house. First, I decided I needed another bridge in town.

You’re so right, Tom.

Bridge and incline construction relies on donations from townies…although as Tom Nook points out, townies mostly means me. A visiting friend did make a nice donation though.

I’ve also got many more diy recipes to purchase from the Nook Terminal! I crafted this lovely fountain (which can also be customized). So many options!

Now that I can change my town tune, I’ll probably be changing it everyday, but to start I’ve got it as Scattered and Lost from Celeste (thanks Lena Raine). Here’s a little clip of Blathers singing it.

Scoot taught me how to sneeze today. I’m a little disappointed in him though…

Really Scoot? We’re in the middle of a pandemic!

I caught my first pier fish, a blue marlin! May all your fishing ventures be successful!

I was very excited to see that Chevre put up the windflower wreath I sent her. It’s a nice pop of color.

I’ve gone on a couple friend visits as well. Last night I headed to one friend’s island to get an aroma pot. I also picked up some mums.

They’re a big fan of bugs, so they’ve got this lovely tarantula room.

I visited another friend’s island today to get a tambourine and engage in silliness.

She also visited my island, giving me a shell table, which I customized to this pearl exterior.

That about wraps up today’s post, I’m ready to get back to playing and customizing! I leave you with this pic of my new orange pansy buds, which will be blooming tomorrow!

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