Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #7

It’s day 7 on Azurerose and I’ve got 5 island residents fully moved in! Resident Services is under construction, and I’m looking forward to all the new features it will offer. We also got a Nintendo Direct Mini with some information on the Bunny Day update, as well as an announcement for an Earth Day update coming next month.

First, let’s check out what’s going on in Azurerose. I got pictures of inside Chevre and Benedict’s house. No one seems to have the windflower wreath I was required to craft for one of the house plots…so I sent Chevre one in the mail. Hopefully she puts it up tomorrow!

I caught two koi fish in a row yesterday, which means one for the museum, and one for my house! It’s chilling in my bathroom right now.

Check out this nicely filled out fruit tree card! That’s right, I got all the fruit! A friend kindly gave me a few peaches to plant. She also gave me some white and yellow mums! Still looking for red mums, as well as lilies and cosmos.

A couple pics from my friend’s island…

She’s got a pretty little pink hyacinth! And a skull door decoration!

A money tree I planted a few days ago has ‘fruited.’ Time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I took my bells right to Saharah, who was visiting my island for the first time today. She’s offering a new ticket system where you get a few tickets each time you buy a rug, redeemable for wallpaper or flooring.

The mush rug is pretty cute – it’s a medium size rug. Saharah offers small, medium, and large rugs. I think I like the wallpaper for a basement.

PSA for Pocket Camp players. If you have the same Nintendo account for both games, you can get some crossover items. You’ll get 50 leaf tickets in Pocket Camp and you’ll be able to purchase various Pocket Camp items at the terminal in Resident Services, including this cute camper.

Like my rainbow plaid shirt? I spent a considerable amount of time designing it. Just don’t look too closely. The design feature rounds out corners, making it look more like polka dots if you look too close. It’s a feature I admittedly don’t like in New Horizons.

A little birdie was perched on the Azurerose bulletin board today, which means there’s a new announcement!

They’ve already announced my upcoming birthday! I can’t wait to participate in the festivities!

I went to visit Shari, and Scoot was visiting. It was a simple, but cute little surprise. Now we’ve got the OG Azurerose residents all in one house.

Now onto some Nintendo Direct Mini news!

The Bunny Day event will be here starting on April 1st and it goes through April 12th. We’ll be able to gather eggs by shaking trees, digging them up, and even fishing! Using the eggs, we’ll be able to craft some pretty neat furniture. I’ve got my eye on that egg crown.

And although we didn’t really get any details, an Earth Day update was announced, featuring Leif.

I’m sure Leif will bring some gorgeous flower furniture, but I’m also hoping he brings something I’ve been missing in New Horizons…bushes! Whatever this update brings, I’m sure it will be fantastic.

I hope you’re enjoying my Animal Crossing adventures, I’m certainly enjoying everyone else’s. See you tomorrow!

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