Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #6

Welcome to another day on Azurerose. In this morning’s daily broadcast from Tom Nook, he announced the expansion of Resident Services, which will take place all day tomorrow. That means Isabelle’s coming! And I think I’ll be able to move buildings and build more bridges. Tom also announced that Benedict has moved in.

Benedict’s house – check out those gorgeous hyacinths to the right

Mable made her first visit to sell clothes.

Don’t worry Mable, I’ll be your whole customer base.

My house now has a back room, and apparently everyone wants it to be a bathroom? The Happy Home Academy sent a toilet and Shari sent me a bathtub. I wonder if I’ll get room-warming gifts for all my new rooms.

I snapped a pic of some fruit trees I’ve got growing on the island. Tomorrow the pear trees should be fully mature as well. Still looking for those peaches. My mystery island tours have been fruitless (at least fruit-other-than-cherry-less).

Here’s a picture of my relaxing private beach at night, as promised.

I’ve actually gone here before going to sleep for the night and just left my switch on (it does auto-sleep) to listen to the waves while falling asleep. Quite relaxing.

Of course I spent some more time catching fish. I caught an oarfish – these things are huge!

I also caught that elusive stringfish last night…I don’t know about that guitarfish…

I traveled to my sister’s island to get some rose seeds. This is her lovely house. I’m still looking for lilies, mums, and cosmos.

I didn’t get a picture of inside Chevre’s house – she’s been outside all day. But I’ll try to catch her inside before tomorrow’s post, and maybe check out Benedict’s house too!

So instead I’ll give you my favorite night at the museum picture. While the butterflies flutter about in the day, they’re just chilling at night. Pretty neat. And by neat, I mean I got a little too excited when I found out.

That’s all for today, time to go buy some Nook Miles tickets since I won’t be able to access the terminal tomorrow.

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