Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #5

It’s a beautiful day on Azurerose today, and I’ve mostly been running around trying to earn Nook Miles. I need to save up for when some of the big ticket items show up. This means I’m only letting myself go on mystery island tours once I’ve saved up a considerable amount. That being said, I did go on 3 today, although all of them had my island’s native fruit and flowers.

Chevre moved in today! Yesterday I customized the log bench and table next to her house, not knowing her house was going to be white. So I’m either gonna change it or add a whole lot of colorful things around it. She definitely need a door decoration.

I got my first hybrid flower! If you followed my New Leaf blog posts, you know how much I love hybrids, so this is really exciting. It’s interesting that orange + red = pink here.

I caught Audie in her house today, and it is so cute! That loft bed is perfect. And I really need that planter ASAP.

Here’s my private beach. I created it a few days ago, but I’ve been waiting for the coconut trees to grow to show it off. It looks great at night too, with the torches – I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

My sister sent me a couple pears in the mail this morning, so now the only fruit I’m missing are peaches. Her silly husband got some, but he decided to eat/sell them all…we’ll forgive him, it’s his first Animal Crossing game.

I got a phone customization kit and decided to make my phone blue. I just gotta say, I love the new leaf design. The simple lines feel so good. It feels fresh and new while keeping the same leaf shape. I need to find someone selling those polo shirts.

I made a cross stitch leaf design last week, and now I feel like I gotta make a new one with the new design. Maybe I’ll try to find some colored fabric and do the stitches in white.

I’m trying to get all the fish that leave at the end of March, so I spend a good chunk of time fishing yesterday. The stringfish eludes me, but I did manage to grab a sturgeon.

I’ve also put some fencing down near where I plan to move my house. It’ll definitely be a garden spot.

I’ve been posting additional screenshots and videos on Twitter (retweeted from my personal account because that’s the one I have connected) so definitely check that out!

I’ll leave you with one more pic today, with Scoot taking a nap, and a newly customized blue birdhouse in the background. Happy crossing!

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