Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #3

Day 3 in Azurerose just got a whole lot busier. Nook’s Cranny and the museum are open, and now it’s time to start getting housing ready for new villagers.

Speaking of housing…Scoot and Shari have upgraded from tents!

And I’ve been doing a little interior and exterior design.

I now have apple, orange, and coconut trees on my island, in addition to my native fruit, cherries.

Tom Nook had me real busy today, plotting out land for 3 new villagers, and crafting indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as picking out a spot for a bridge. Everything’s ready for Benedict, Chevre, and Audie to move in. I’m not sure if they’ll all move in tomorrow, but at least the houses will be ready.

I saw a couple visitors on my island: Mable, who was working out a deal with Timmy and Tommy to bring clothing to Azurerose, and Daisy Mae, our adorable new turnip saleswoman. I’ve never gotten into the stalk market, but I enjoyed having Daisy on the island nonetheless.

New Horizons gets more and more exciting by the day. I love that I’m writing these posts because it’ll give me a way to look back and see how my island develops over time. See you tomorrow!

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