Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diaries #2

It’s my second day on Azurerose and I have a brand new house! I’ve already managed to scrap up enough bells to pay off my loan, so now I’m expanding.

I’ve been wondering if there would be bushes in this game, so now I know they’re at least part of my house plot. I think they’re going to disappear as I add rooms to my house though.

Blathers is here and I quickly donated 15 items so that the museum could be built. Now I have to wait until the museum is ready before I can donate anything else which means…the beach is currently the unofficial museum.

Today I was also able to use the airport, so I traveled to a few islands, bringing back flowers, coconuts, and apples. And I’ve invited the new wolf, Audie, to come live in Azurerose!

Time to start hybridizing!
There’s Audie! And look at that pretty waterfall!

I’ve had a couple of visitors to my island…last night Wisp was in town…and this morning Gulliver washed ashore.

Today Timmy expressed his desire to open up his shop, and asked if I could gather some building resources for it. I had so many resources from playing yesterday, that it didn’t take long to donate the full amounts needed. So Nook’s Cranny is now under construction!

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day saving up bells and Nook Miles, and doing some island hopping to get more fruits and flowers. I’m hoping that tomorrow I can really start doing and showing off more customization. I’m getting really excited about the potential for my island.

See you tomorrow!

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