Music Monday – More Zelda Dungeon Musical March Madness

Last week, I covered some of my first round picks for Zelda Dungeon Musical March Madness. This week, I’ve decided to showcase some of the great tracks I didn’t pick, including some I had never heard before.

Palace Theme – Adventure of Link

I’ve only played a little bit of Adventure of Link (on my 3DS) and it just wasn’t a good time for me. But now that it’s out on the switch with that lovely rewind feature, I might give it a try again soon. What did I like about the game? The same thing I’ve liked about every Zelda game – its soundtrack.

Village of the Blue Maiden – Four Swords Adventures

I’ve never played Four Swords Adventures, but I love this track, which is what plays ‘before the riddle’ in the game (as I haven’t played, I don’t know what this means. This track would have made an excellent addition to my Music Monday: Kakariko Village a few weeks back.

Overworld – Wand of Gamelon

Another game I haven’t played, Wand of Gamelon is one of the three much loved CD-I games. So I was pretty surprised when I listened to this track and actually enjoyed it. Side note, I once started watching a let’s play of Zelda’s Adventure and I could not get past the first 30 seconds because it was so painful to watch.

Hidden Village – Twilight Princess

It’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Cowboy! It was really hard to choose between this and Crimson Loftwing, but I eventually chose Crimson Loftwing because I thought it would win. And I was wrong! Hidden Village made it to Round 2 of Zelda Dungeon Musical March Madness.

Song of Healing – Majora’s Mask

It’s the number 1 seed I didn’t pick! That was probably a huge mistake for my bracket, but I have no regrets. Song of Healing will likely made it to one of the last rounds (maybe the last round), but I’m confident it won’t defeat Hyrule Castle from BOTW.

This will likely be my last Zelda Dungeon Musical March Madness post, but I will let everyone know which track wins it all. Vote for Hyrule Castle!

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