A Look Back at my Animal Crossing New Horizons Wish List

Shortly after last year’s E3, I created a brief wish list of things I wanted to see in New Horizons. After last month’s direct, I decided I wanted to revisit this list to see where we stand.

First, I want to go over some things from my wishlist that have been confirmed.

Shell Crafting!

I love all the wreaths and door decorations, and I’m super excited that there’s a seashell wreath. I’ve also seen a shell table and I can’t wait to see what else we could possibly craft with shells (especially coral).

New flowers!

There are hyacinths! I think the blue ones look lovely and it’ll be nice to have another blue flower to use for my blue garden. There are also chrysanthemums and at least one other flower.

Something I haven’t seen yet? Bushes. The flowering bushes such as hydrangeas and azaleas were one of my favorite new features in New Leaf. But I haven’t seen any sign of them in New Horizons yet.

Areas beyond the island!

Harvey gets his own photography island and your island’s airplane will take you to ‘mystery islands’ where you can gather up resources.

Draw your own rivers (Kind of)

So this one wasn’t technically on my list, but I jokingly made a remark about being able to draw your own river on your starting map. Boy was I shocked to see that we will get to terraform late-game. This is so much better than just drawing a river at the beginning. And we can make waterfalls!!!

Campfire activities – maybe?

There’s an island warming party after your first day on the island (which is in-game time, not real time – it switches to real time after this), and it looks like you’ll spend the day gathering supplies for it. It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but it’s sort of close. I wonder if there will be similar events like this where you can hang out with all your villagers.

Amiibo are back…I think this request was a little unrealistic, but it’s fine.

I don’t really have anything against amiibo, I just really wanted Epona and Medli and Link in my village without having to use them. I do have a friend who has amiibo cards, so I could possibly borrow them.

All in all, my wish list is doing pretty well. Animal Crossing New Horizons is only 9 days away, and I am very excited.

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