Music Monday – Zelda Dungeon Musical March Madness

Musical March Madness has begun at Zelda Dungeon and for today’s Music Monday I’d like to share some of my picks. Many of my picks have been featured on Music Monday before, including Hyrule Castle’s theme from Breath of the Wild, which I have winning it all. So I’ll focus more on my lesser known picks today.

Today we are in the second day of voting. I went 3 for 4 on day one, but I’m not doing as well today. My only choice in the lead in Hyrule Castle from BOTW. You can vote for your favorites here (polls change daily at 8pm EST).

Sacred Duet – Spirit Tracks

I think I say this every time I put music from Spirit Tracks on here, but Spirit Tracks’s soundtrack is so underrated. I probably shouldn’t have picked it to beat Twilight Princess’s Hyrule Field, but I stand by my choice.

Riverside – Triforce Heroes

Do I have this #16 seed beating a #1 seed (Song of Healing)? Yes I do. But you gotta have some underdogs move on in the bracket. Plus I think this track sounds absolutely gorgeous.

Molgera – The Wind Waker

I think I really under appreciate boss themes because I’m so focused on beating the boss that I’m not paying close enough attention to the music. But I listened to each track before choosing my picks, even the tracks I’m super familiar with, and this one won me over.

Overworld – Cadence of Hyrule

So I haven’t played much of Cadence of Hyrule yet – I’m having trouble getting into the gameplay – but there’s no denying it has a fantastic soundtrack. I never imagined hearing many of the tracks remixed like this in an official game and I love it.

Queen Rutela – Twilight Princess

A sorrowful, yet soothing remix of Serenade of Water from Ocarina of Time, Queen Rutela’s theme is definitely one of my favorite tracks from Twilight Princess. The only problem is that I have a stronger association with Ocarina of Time for this one.

Sword Search – Link’s Awakening

Sword Search did not make it past day one (lost to Zora’s Domain from Ocarina of Time), but it’s a winner in my heart. It’s not too big of a deal for my bracket because I have Dragon Roost Island winning in the next round.

I’m thinking next week I’ll feature some of the tracks I didn’t pick (which are still awesome). Happy listening!

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