Plant Daddy: The Free Browser Game About Growing Nice Plants

Like the idea of having plants, but don’t have a green thumb? Love plants but don’t have the space/money? Already a plant daddy, but need to expand to the digital world? Well I have a game for you.

This cute little browser game has you planting ferns, cacti, trees, vines, and other plants, all without too much commitment. Only have a minute to play? That’s fine! You’re game stays saved and none of your plants will suffer if you forget about them for awhile. Want to obsessively watch your plants grow all day? That’s fine too.

Each plant is unique, so even after you’ve grown each plant type you get to grow plenty more variations and strive for rare traits. My current favorite trait is the multi-colored stem.

I’d really love to find one with this stem and blue flowers

Even better, you can share your favorite plants so others can grow them too, by giving out the seed’s code (pictured above). To get this code you first have to study them in a plant nursery, which is also where you’ll find out what rare traits your plant has. I’ll share several of my favorite plants below so you can grow them if you want.

Plant Daddy was created by Brady Soglin (twitter here) and I highly recommend you click on this link and go play it! And when you’ve got some plants growing, share them with me!

My first plant.
Trying to come up with a name for this colorful guy.

I am taking name suggestions for plants too! And depending on the popularity, I may be sharing more plants on twitter. So get planting everyone!

2 thoughts on “Plant Daddy: The Free Browser Game About Growing Nice Plants

  1. I introduced my GF Mir to this because she likes to raise house plants, but the cat constantly nibbles and kills them. She then proceeded to play the game for several hours straight and called it crack.

    This is all a very long way of saying thank you for sharing knowledge of this game’s existence. You’ve made Mir very happy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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