Favorite Dragon Type Pokémon

The weird thing about dragon types is that there are a lot of pokémon who look like dragons, but aren’t dragon types (charizard, gyarados, milotic). There are, however, a lot of legendaries and mega evolutions with dragon typing, but I am excluding them from these lists. So I have a fairly small pool to pick from. But it’s fine! Dragon pokémon are cool and I didn’t have a problem choosing any to be on this list.

Gen 1 – Kanto – Dragonair

Dragonite would be way cooler if it looked more like dragonair. It’s color is so much nicer and I love its serpent appearance. The head wings, white horn, and blue crystals on its neck and tail all add up for a beautiful design. Why would you trash all of that for dragonite?

Gen 2 – Johto – Kingdra

Full disclosure: kingdra was my only option. Dragon types didn’t really start taking off until gen 3. But I really dig the whole sea dragon thing.

Gen 3 – Hoenn – Flygon

I never would have expected to love a bug-looking dragon so much, but here we are. Its giant eyes aren’t creepy; they’re somehow elegant. The red outline on the wings and the end of its tail, along with the shapes, make it look sleek. And the red and green isn’t grating or Christmas-y.

Gen 4 – Sinnoh – Garchomp

I only had garchomp’s evolutionary line to pick from, so here we are. It’s a very popular pokémon, making it into the top 10 for Pokémon of the Year, which is no small feat. I will say that I love that they went for a sharklike appearance for this guy.

Gen 5 – Unova – Hydreigon

It’s based on hydra, which is what gave it the most points in my book (not actually ranking by points, just using the phrase). I like the whole evolutionary line and the dark/dragon typing.

Gen 6 – Kalos – Goodra

It’s a friendly dragon and I love it. Like, I just wanna give this guy a hug even though it’s dripping in goo.

Gen 7 – Alola – Jangmo-o

I became really fond of jangmo-o during my recent shiny hunt for it. It’s heart scale is so cute, and its shiny form turns the heart and its nails perfectly pink.

Gen 8 – Galar – Dreepy

It’s a ghost dragon – what a cool typing! Pokémon with cool typings really get to me. It becomes increasingly ghostlike in appearance as it evolves and even when it does evolve, you still get to keep dreepy! Drakoult has a dreepy on its head and dragapult has 2 dreepy in its horns that it fires as missiles.

What are your favorite dragon types? Or your favorite should-be-dragon types?

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