Animal Crossing Diaries #16

It’s March, which means it’s already spring in Animal Crossing! It’s really lovely to see the butterflies fluttering around again. March also means the last two critters I haven’t caught are available, the loach and the spider crab. So I booted up Animal Crossing, equipped my fishing rod, and headed to the river. It didn’t take long for me to catch that loach.

Next it was time for me to put on my wet suit and go diving. After a few laps around the beach, I found a huge shadow, and I knew it was the one I was looking for.

So now I’ve completed the aquarium, which means I only need a few more pieces of art to complete the whole museum. Unfortunately, Redd keeps bringing me that fake scary painting…

I realized I haven’t shown off the hybrid flower room I have in the second floor of the museum, so here it is.

And there’s some pretty stained glass in the museum (one of those things I wish were in every video game)!

I finally got a new horse villager – Buck moved into town! The same day he appeared in the Animal Crossing Direct, he also appeared in my town’s campsite and I invited him to stay.

Also had the first rainy day of the season.

I hung out with Pavé for Festivale. Looking forward to seeing him in New Horizons.

I’m loving all the tulip furniture in Pocket Camp. I’m not loving all the leaf tickets required for some of this stuff. I had camellia furniture for February, but I’ll be slowly switching it out.

Isabelle’s here too! You take that well-deserved nap!

This is probably my last Animal Crossing Diaries before New Horizons comes out, and I’m looking forward to seeing you then. Only 17 more days!

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